A Social Outcast Begins!

How did I ever come up with the name of this place?

For most of my life, I have been one of those people that really never had a place in society. The issue is, everyone has a place, we all just need to find our place. But what happens when we don’t? We become an outcast! I am not sure if I am an outcast really so much as an out of place person.

But this website name!

Sorry, I’m getting there I promise. So in jr high all the kids were just snot nosed punks. One day one group teased another and then that teased group was the in crowd that teased yesterdays teasers. Like sands through the hour glass…. Then in high school the politics changed. We had the nerds, the jocks, the stoners, punkers, and the kids the society hated and just plain treated horribly bad for no reason other than they were simply different than they were. I somehow managed to get stuck into the stoner group even though I did not use a drug one until after I was out of high school. Funny how that worked out for me.

Moving On!

So now we move on to today. So now, I live way down South in Illinois when I started my life up near Chicago. I know only a small fist full of people down here and only 1 or 2 that I would call and say hey want to run with me real quick and go here or there. Thus, the outcast part! Tah Dah! Now-a-days I tend to sit at home by myself and fiddle on the PC or find a project or two to do in my garage like work on a firearm of mine or work on a clock or a pallet project for my wife.

So why the website?

The website is another avenue for me to run my bucket mouth. I tend to talk a lot when I get to talking. Unfortunately, going back to what I said a paragraph or two ago, I do not know anyone here so I have no one really to talk to. I do some talking here and there and it works out for me but this helps as well for the days when no one is around and I just feel like gabbing.

Reason 2.0

I recently had a few folks look me up on Facebook which was ok. The issue was I clearly said on my YouTube videos to please not do that. I know the need to communicate without the public listening in on certain things I get it. However, what I knew was going to happen did happen. I had a women,well a couple women message me and start a conversation that I though pertained to my YouTube material about the Boston Scientific Stimulator and nope, it quickly turned to wanting to trade pics and when I said no, they sent me pics of them. GASP! I know right! Most men are OK with that. I am married though. I am not OK with that.

So what are the plans here?

Well, as you can see on the menu, I added a Community link which is a forum with some general threads that we all can participate in. It should be some fun to say the least. As well, I added a messaging system for those days where one may want to discuss in private with someone something that is bugging them or whatever. I did add a page where I discuss some CBD Oil that I use on a daily basis. It is a affiliate link yes, but it is one I firmly believe in and I do use daily. I also am planning on a podcast. Not sure how that is going to work. I know it has to have other people on other than me. It will discuss a myriad of things, not just one topic. The ends are limitless here.

No Ads, No Popups

Other than a couple minor, non intrusive affiliate links that I must have to help keep the lights turned on here, I will not use Google Ads or any popups or pop-unders. It is not worth my time and not worth your time to have to weed through ads to read 1 article. I do plan on an e-Book on down the line being for sale but that has been in the works for years now. So no worries.

So In Conclusion

Ha ha ha! I hate that line with a passion! So to sum it all up, if you enjoy the site and enjoy the fact that I am not bombarding you with ads, please consider reaching up and clicking that button and buying me a cup of coffee! I would really appreciate it!