About Me

Who Am I?

Ray Browell

It has been my experience that the first sentence of an introductory paragraph is the hardest to write.  So, for the sake of expediting the process, I have sacrificed said introduction sentence and here we find ourselves. My Name Is Ray, a Social Outcast. I have an Associates degree in Web Design and Application Development from Purdue University formerly known as Kaplan University. As well, I also hold an Associates degree in Firearms Technology from the Sonoran Desert Institute. A little known fact is I am a Ordained Minister through The Universal Life Church. Setting aside any more un-necessary quips, the basics to meet the requirements of an ‘about me’ section.

What About Me?

I live in Southern Illinois with my wife and step son in a small town and live a rather simple life. In my spare time I can be found playing some PS4, Steam Games, or just shooting the breeze on TeamSpeak or Discord with my PC buddies. One thing I enjoy is spending time with my wife doing some fishing and range time shooting our favorite guns. A passion I have is cooking on smokers, grills, stoves and camp fires. I also love building smokers! I have loads of spare time due to a very bad back that has been operated on a few times and a slew of other things. So I am dipping my toes into the blog world and learning the ropes for what is to come!

What About This Blog?

This blog is a release for me. I am a bucket mouth by trade and where I live I do not really know anyone so I don’t really have anyone to talk to, a social outcast. I love to talk! So I make YouTube videos and now I am working on a blog. What you can expect to see here is a mix up of cooking, maybe smoker building, guns (shooting and gunsmithing), games, just basic blogging and some of my Spinal Cord Stimulator Journey (Trial, Pre-op and Post Implant and Post Op) and a spinal fusion. I also have a pretty awesome tale to tell about a race track, race cars and actually watching a racing organization being formed right before my very eyes! That is quite the story! I can not WAIT to tell it!

Any Features Or Future Plans?

Yes there are both! One feature is no ads or popups. We will place affiliate links on our site from time to time. These links are non invasive to your viewing experience and they are products that I am a firm believer in and use myself. Also, I can not possibly cover all basis on chronic pain and stimulators. That is why I am considering having guest bloggers to help cover topics. I would love them to complete the story here and not only give half the story and link to their personal site for the rest of the story. I simply refuse to allow that to happen. We also plan on a podcast as well. Not sure how soon but it is in the works.

So What Does This Blog Mean To You?

I know their are others like me that are sitting at home in pain and need to talk and tell their story. WordPress sometimes is not so easy to use but I am going to make it easy to use! I am going to teach folks how to use it. What makes me different than all the others?

  • I am home all day every day
  • I don’t charge
  • I don’t mass spam
  • I am walking a mile in your shoes

In the end I really just hope to help myself by helping others. We all need each other and sometimes that is all we have is each other!

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