Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator Warranty

Time For a New Warranty!


It has recently come to my attention that a few items are on warranty for a slim year. This year in my humblest of opinions is very slim in retrospect to the very large cost of the equipment and install. Boston Scientific, whom I have had nothing but a very good relationship with thus far, has sent me a letter indicating that my remote and charging system were expiring in a couple short months.

What does this mean?

Well, I am more than glad you asked! It simply means that I have had my stimulator in and working for almost a year now and not laying in bed for a year. Special thanks to my surgeon and his staff and Boston Scientific. However, on the down side, it means that this very expensive equipment is only guaranteed for a single year with the option to renew after a year.

How much is it?

I can not nor will I try to speculate as to what yours will cost. There are to many variables in the medical field and it might vary by brand and type. Mine in Particular is the Boston Scientific MRI Montage I do believe. Now I will add the disclaimer that if you are new to this then you are learning along with me as we go. With all that said, I am going to hazard a guess and say that since my letter stated it was $195 for another year for the remote and charging system, then that is going to be per year. However that begs the question, how many years will this go on? Is it a fixed amount or is it as long as your bank account agrees to the yearly fee?

Should I buy the warranty?

I am not a financial adviser nor do I know your financial situation. It is entirely up to you to decide what to do. After some investigating, I found out the equipment is extremely (in the thousands of dollars) expensive to replace. I have looked on websites such as eBay (please avoid Wish) and the hockey puck looking charger and cords and remotes are in the hundreds of dollars there as well if not into the thousands. So no matter how you look at it, it is very expensive. So in the end, are you a gambler?

What have you decided Ray?

Well that is just it, I have decided nothing. I have 90 days until after my current warranty has expired to purchase a new one. But it’s peace of mind you say. Sure, I agree. However, why not call them and talk to them first and get all the details first and get educated unlike the first time around (my own situation, maybe not yours). After I have gathered all data, I will then decide how to spend the money and if it is going to be worth my while or not.

The conclusion to it all!

In the end, I should have been a little better educated as to what was going to happen. Being so caught up in the moment of finally getting something done that was going to help restore my life, I simply agreed and moved on. I got no education up front or anything. A call was made to Boston Scientific and I did ask some questions and they are fantastic about answering. The issue is in my case, I didn’t ask all the right questions. I was like a kid in the candy store caught up in the moment. Finally! A real shot at life again, and I forgot to ask any real questions. Such is a day in the life of chronic pain when you are about to get some relief; you get tunnel vision.


Well, I am no doctor so please let’s understand that right up front. No info I give is medical info. I do not recommend any product, person or method. That is completely up to you and your doctor to discuss for your particular situation. A recommendation I often make is to call, ask questions (a lot) and get educated on the subject first.

Take care my friends!