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    What does that have to do with health Ray? Well, as we all know from hanging out on my YouTube as well as most of this website, we all know that I have a Neuro Stimulator otherwise known as a Spincal Cord Stimulator or a SCS.

    Well, I had no clue up until about a month ago that my remote and charging unit were only warrantied for 1 year. The kicker is, this equipment costs thousands of dollars to replace if damaged or needs repaired. I happen to have a Boston Scientific. My Extended Warranty is offered ot me for $195 for 1 year and they give me up until no later than 90 days AFTER my current warranty expires to purchase it. If I do not, after that I am on my own.

    Now in the world of SCS, what exactly does the term “On your own” mean? It does not mean that Boston Scientific (I can not comment on anyone else for obvious reasons) is going to leave you high and dry. You can still call, order anything you need, work with engineers and all that good stuff, you just won’t get your remote or charging units replaced if needs be.

    Can you purchase them on their own and avoid paying for warranty? Sure! How big is your bank account? I hope it is hefty. This equipment is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. I saw a used remote for my particular SCS on ebay going for over $500 and that was on the cheap end. I have saw them up and over $1000 on eBay.

    So this fee is a 1 time per year deal I guess. I am not real sure. I am still new to it all. This is my first time ever having my warranty expire. Do I roll the dice and not pay for it or be smart and buy the warranty? It’s much easier to scrape up a couple hundo rather than a few thou for a NEW remote or puck charger later down the road. Decisions decisions.

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