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    Hello and Welcome!

    Well, first off, anyone who knows me or who has found me on this website via my YouTube channel knows I don’t particularly care for rules. I have a foul mouth and tend to say it how it is. However, here it is a shade different. Here I have to adhere to a couple standards for a few different reasons and thus, I have a few simple rules. I know, that sucks, but really they are simple.

  • No Links ever.
  • No porn, cracks, hacks, warez, serials or any other illegal materail.
  • Please keep “flavorful” language to a minimum( I know, that one is rough 🙁 )
  • No back seat moderating
  • Do not ever harass anyone for any reason. If you disagree, do so in a respectful manner or be an adult and move on.
  • No politics or religion. EVER.
  • We do not bash any one for sexual preference, race, or any other anything you can think of. We will not tolerate it. We all put our pants on one leg at a time.
  • Have fun!
  • 1 last thing, when it comes to the house rules, remember, the house always rules.
  • WEW!! Ok, now that all that stuff is out of the way. Man I really hate that. However, when public get together, well, things don’t always work out so well. And as far as the politics and religion goes, this we have to stand firm on. Any time either or gets brought in, things get out of hand REAL fast. Names get called, butts get hurt, etc etc. One thing we have the capability to do is to create private forums and make them invite only. I hesitate to do that and would rather keep them out, but we do have a “Life” forum so …..

    What say ye?

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