UDS Ugly Drum Smoker

How It All Started

Some time back, I was watching YouTube bored as could be and I ran across a fella that went by the channel name Sneakyyone (I know I just butchered that Sorry Phil!) and he now goes by Daddy Cooks. I saw him take a garbage can, a 55 gallon drum, and turn it into a direct heat smoker! WHAT? Yes! You can see it for yourself here https://youtu.be/EUQbGTSXhdk .  *Edit 11/24/2018  He was originally sneakeey1 at the time.

I could not believe such a thing could exist. After all, a smoker was made to cook indirect reverse flow right? Maybe even the pellet pooper crowd will join in and say they belong in there too and yes they sure do! But a garbage can! Really? The first thought that came to mind was that I had to see more! Video after video I continued to watch this man and I was sold. I had to build my own. I was always a fan of grilling but this, this is where my BBQ adventure began!

And My Rendition

Old Leaky

Now if you slid off my page for a moment and took a look at Phil’s N.U.U.D.S, you will quickly notice mine is not as fancy as his but man did old leaky get the job done! Now a days it is in the shop in need of some TLC. I plan on getting at it real soon like now that it is colder and my back is allowing me some freedom to get at it.

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Thanks  Daddy Cooks!

I have to tip my hat to Phil. He started me on an adventure that has been fun and rewarding. If you are looking for a cheap, easy way to get into smoking, by all means give this a try! I built my UDS smoker in a afternoon for around $150! While you are at it, swing by the BBQ Brethren and join in on some awesome Que chat and learn a thing or two. These folks are top notch fantastic! Tell them DjPorkchop sent ya!