You’re Just Blowing Smoke!

Some Would Say Yes!

I recall a long time ago on a cold Missouri New Years Eve, my grand dad loaded up his black powder rifle with a very low grain charge and a patch and let my brother and I each take a shot at Midnight. The Davy Crockett in me was born, I just never knew it.

My Hunting Days

Early on and into today in my life, hunting has been limited. My great grandmother gave me a .22 rifle when I was 9.  Hunting was limited to rabbit and squirrel. I went along with many others on hunting outings but never got the hunting bug. I do recall rare days of watching grandpa take the old squirrel gun out and harvest some squirrel and miss some as well. Them old black powder guns were not the most accurate things in the world. Some were, others not so much.

The Teen Years

Through my teen years, I never gave much though to guns. I rode anything with wheels and tires. I recall my dad had built a black powder rifle when I was a kid and it hung on a gun rack for years. So as it was in the back of my mind, I always wanted that old rifle. Some years later, that rifle was gone and he had built a new one. The guys at the shop bought him a CVA Hawken .5o Cal as a retirement gift on Jan 1st 2000. Fast forward 15 years later, he gave it to me.

The Older Years

So now that I have my dads rifle, I got the opportunity to build a Traditions Shenandoah 50 Cal. Now I have 2 of them. I slowly felt the itch coming on. Now it is burning out of control and Benadryl won’t stop it! Deep down in my soul I have the strong urge to build a pair of matching Springfield Pistols. A Matchlock rifle would be the creme of the crop!

So Here I Sit 

So here I sit on a cold November evening with the itch to build, empty pockets that say no you can’t, and a will that says go find some money to do it! The smell, the sound, the art of loading, the flash of fire out the end of the barrel! Is there anything better? I am a 45 year old man stuck in a 1800’s era body (to a point) and it all started on a cold Missouri New Years Eve night with a old timer, an older brother and a little ol’ soon to be social outcast.